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MCDC Named in 10 Coolest SME’s List

Approved Index has listed Manchester Craft & Design Centre among the 10 Coolest Small/Medium Enterprises. The following is taken from their blog; check out the full list here, and consider us COOL! (but you already did, didn’t you!)

“Manchester might sometimes be overlooked by entrepreneurs in favour of London, but it turns out it’s a serious contender for the title of best city to launch your business. With three excellent universities, world class football clubs, the headquarters of the BBC and a refurbished and extended tram system which rivals TFL, Manchester makes for a truly nurturing city to grow your business.

Amongst the many things that Manchester lays claim to, aside from some of the world’s most iconic bands, being the birthplace of the computer and bringing the joy of “chips and gravy” to the world, is its claim to some incredible and unique businesses that have chosen to call it home. After much deliberation we came up with our top 10 pick of cool companies in Manchester; from tech start-ups to creative agencies to delicious cupcake bakers, we caught up with these cool small businesses to discuss what they do and why Manchester is THE place to be.

Founded: 1982

Employees: 5 Management and 30 arts and craft makers

What they do: In the centre of Manchester’s creative Northern quarter, in studios that formerly housed a fish market (pretty darn cool if you ask me), you can find 30 unique arts and craft makers who create and sell their handmade array of splendours. From textiles to pewter to jewellery you’ll only find unique non mass produced gems here.

Why they’re cool: No one at Craft and Design need even try to be cool, it just comes naturally. They have a genuine passion to create beauty in bold and contemporary ways, which shines through all their work. Enjoy a laid back experience at Craft and Design, shop for one of a kind pieces, take breaks to coffee at their cool café and relax while meandering around taking in the energy of the site.

Why they love Manchester: “Manchester is the Original Modern city. It’s accepting of difference, embracing what’s new and integrating it with the traditional, turning it on its head. Manchester’s people are fiercely proud and wonderfully pragmatic. We love to support our own and we welcome new ideas and run with them.”

Clare Simpson, Marketing & Digital Manager”

Trilby Rajna for Approved Index, Feb 2015