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Your Name: Susan Kane and Clint Pilkington
Business Name: fir + wren at holm
Artform/Specialisms: Textile Design/Illustration  (Susan) + Bespoke Furniture and Interior Design (Clint)

Who else sells work in your studio?
Nicola Sutcliffe: Fashion Designer
Jill Shaddock: Ceramicist

How would you describe the items you produce?
I produce drawings as wall pieces, and translate some of the imagery into brooches, cushions and cards.

What are the things that have inspired, and continue to inspire, your work?
The optimism and simplicity of mid-century design and illustration.

When you are not producing new work, what do you like to spend your time doing and why?
Walking anywhere green – trees are very inspiring. Visiting flea markets for unexpected finds.

If you were asked to describe the experience of visiting Manchester Craft & Design Centre to someone who has yet to come along, what would you tell them?
An oasis of calm and tranquility with myriad original, hand-made pieces.

Tell us something we might not already know!
I produced designs for Mary Quant in the late 1980s and for major international clothing labels/home furnishings for 30 years.


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