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#MagicCarpet: Of wandering and weaving, of digits and the digital, of craft and craftiness

Thursday 30 January – Saturday 4 April

Whether it’s craft, creativity or the different ways our minds work that sparks your curiosity, everyone can be inspired by at our latest exhibition #MagicCarpet.

Artist and researcher Dr Kai Syng Tan’s work playfully explores the seams where art, science and mind wandering meet.

#MagicCarpet showcases a large-scale tapestry, digitally hand drawn and then woven by machine, threading together questions about the nature of making and the ways in which artists and scientists view neurodiversity.

Come and take a visual trip on #MagicCarpet to discover the connections Kai made through her work… let your mind wander and stitch together new connections of your own.

See Kai‘s work at

Images: Part of the #MagicCarpet project (20172019-) by Dr Kai Syng Tan

Exhibition Events

Free exhibition preview event

Thursday 30 January, 6pm – 8pm

Join us for drinks and a DJ — the perfect chance to meet the artist and see the show afterhours.

Craft Term: Wonderful Weaving, 18 & 20 Feb, 12pm – 3pm, suitable for 5 years and older, free, Booking via Eventbrite

We’ll have a variety of handlooms to try out and you’ll be able to have a go at making tapestries of all shapes, sizes and materials!

All materials are provided.

Craft Term: Clay Sculptures, 20 Feb, 45-minute sessions from 12pm until 3.45pm, suitable for 5 years and older, free, Booking via Eventbrite

Resident ceramist Katherine Lees will show you how to shape and mould clay and then how to join it together to make your own part of a large scale clay sculpture.

Exhibition Identity: Studio Dotto