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Kaylee’s featured artist – No. 5

Kaylee’s featured artist #5 – Enya Moore

Welcome to our new website – and the new home of my ‘featured artist’ blog posts…

This week I’m turning my attention to Enya Moore’s “Kitchen Tools”. You can see Enya’s five pieces in the Forming Words exhibition cabinet, which links through to Oak St. Café Bar.

Enya is an Irish designer maker who works primarily in metal and is heavily influenced by a childhood spent immersed in kitchens, cooking and food. The crude, childlike aesthetic of her work is achieved through her casting in materials such as bronze and aluminium.

The “Kitchen Tools” collection was made exclusively for Forming Words and is inspired by Enya’s father’s kitchen utensils. His tools bear the marks of a professional chef – scratched, rusty, and definitely not pristine or shiny. Enya even describes them as “mysterious” – and the most “worn, loved and used” were always her most coveted.

Enya’s father inscribed his initials into many of his utensils, claiming ownership through a mixture of crudely scribbled lettering and flowing italic script. As well as engraving his initials into his tools, her father also scribbled in his recipe books – and the large carver’s block which her utensils sit on in the exhibition carry many of these references.

Next time you’re sitting in Oak St. Café Bar, have a peek through the cabinet and see if you can make out the stories weaving themselves around Enya’s tools. You can see more of Enya’s work here (

Forming Words runs until November 9th, so don’t miss you chance to see this fabulous show. #Formingwords