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Kaylee’s featured artist – No.1

Hello, my name’s Kaylee and I’m the Exhibitions and Events Officer here at Manchester Craft & Design Centre. Recently I’ve been working on ‘Forming Words’, our current exhibition at MCDC.

As well has having 18 studio boutiques where over 30 creative individuals make and sell their work, we also have 3 exhibitions a year. You’ll find our exhibitions in the middle of the ground floor – just hop up the little step and have a closer look.

There are 17 artists featured in ‘Forming Words’, who are based all over the world. Over the coming weeks I’m going to tell you a little more about some of the individual makers – I’d love to know what your favourite pieces are too so get in touch!

I’m going to start with the rather curious work Scottish jeweller and maker Jonathan Boyd. We have three pieces by Jonathan in ‘Forming Words’, and although they look quite sculptural, they are each wearable pieces of jewellery (even the post-it note style piece – which is in fact a brooch!).

Jonathan’s work in ‘Forming Words’ is particularly inspired by natural or unforced conversations – especially conversations which he has overheard between his friends.

Jonathan also loves the “throw-away” parts of speech – all of those little things that we squeeze into sentences when speaking, but wouldn’t necessarily write down. Think about all of those “uhmmmms” or the “and it was like…”s that we come out with day-to-day. These would provide ideal fodder for Jonathan…

My favourite object of Jonathan’s is ‘Clyde Built’, an oxidised silver brooch which looks like three links of a chain. Here’s what Jonathan had to say about the piece: “In January 2013 somewhere in a flat in Glasgow, 5 people met and drank lots of wine. 18 dramatic discussions about nothing and no-one were recorded. Over lapping and endless, these interlocking conversations are 3 acts from18.”

I love that this brooch holds such a story!