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How to Creatively Sell Through Storytelling

Written By Sophie Holt.


Storytelling is a simple yet effective marketing technique that is proven to make the process of selling your handmade work easier and more effective. It is, essentially, a more personal way of selling your work, one where you are not just selling the products that you make but also your story. If you haven’t already started using this technique within your small business it is most likely that your competitors have. But don’t fear – your story is just as unique as your work so implementing this will make you stand out without you even trying.


Telling a good story is the

backbone of word of mouth marketing.

There is great power in the stories we tell,

these are the things people will remember.


Stories are the primary way that we collect and collate information. Therefore, If you want people to remember you and your handmade work, you need to create a place in their mind and leave a lasting impression. Your aim is that they feel invested in not only your product but you and what you bring to your work. Through people recalling the things you have shared with them, they will feel a pull to buy your products again.


Image Credit: Shaw&Shaw


People feel invested in makers who share stories that:


Inspire them

Challenge them

Educate them

Get them emotionally charged

Make them reminiscent of a particular time or place

That they feel they can relate to


When sharing your story, think about about targeting these categories. Don’t feel you need to share every aspect of your personal life with your customers, rather try carefully selecting the bits that you feel would be beneficial to share while still maintaining your privacy. You could treat this story telling as  ‘meet the guru’  showing a more behind the scenes look at how you make your work or keep it more personal and share aspects of your history and heritage and how this has inspired your pieces. Don’t forget your main aim is to create an emotional connection with your audience!



Image Credit: Shaw&Shaw


Why not try crafting your own brand story? Once you have this begin by including aspects of this on your social media. Don’t forget to include it within your websites About Page and even let aspects of your story influence elements of your work.



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