HANDS ON: Meet the Makers

We are excited to introduce the makers taking part in our Hands On Project, a bursary and business support programme aimed at building the opportunities for a career in craft, supporting makers who identify as coming from a background that is under-represented in the arts and cultural sector.

Portrait of woman
Bhaggie Patel A ceramic artist who takes inspiration from the elements, including the changing seasons, seascapes and wildlife.  

This translates into colour, texture and form, explored through a variety of firing techniques.

Her work is both wheel-thrown and hand-built, creating functional and decorative pieces.



Portrait of man with celloSimon Denton Both a fine furniture maker and a professional freelance cellist, working with orchestras such as the BBC Philharmonic, RLPO and Manchester Camerata.  Simon’s interest in woodwork was nurtured more recently by the late Peter Howcroft, an inspirational tutor with a passion for design.

Simon’s ‘Dickie-Bow Credenza’ was awarded the Felder UK Wood Machining Prize as well as the Wood Workers Workshop Visitor’s Choice Award. His achievements came to the attention of The Woodworker Magazine, which went on to publish a cover feature in their July 2018 issue.

Simon works in his Manchester workshop, specialising in hand-crafted, exhibition quality work. He currently draws inspiration from Scandi minimalism and Japanese furniture, creating contemporary pieces through a retrospective lens.

Instagram: @manchesterfinefurniture


Portrait of woman with fabric against brick wallEvaD Ould-Okojie A textile artist working with African Fabrics including Ankara, Adire and Batik’s with a focus on useable products.

Armed with a rotary blade and trusty stitch unpicker you will find her exploring colour and shape by creating useable textile pieces.

www.soleildee.co.uk | Instagram: @soleil_dee




All three of our makers will be using our Install studio space in the centre, alongside taking part in an exhibition later this year. We’ll be sharing their amazing work through socials.