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EVENT : September 25, 2020 — October 3, 2020.

University of Bolton Pop-Up Exhibitions

Each year, Manchester Craft and Design Centre has the pleasure of working with graduates from the Textiles and Surface Design degree, at the University of Bolton, to bring their work to our visitors. Like so many others this year, we’ve had to adapt our plans to react to the challenges brought about by the Coronavirus lockdown. Luckily, now we’re back openwe’re able to bring you more work from more graduates in two exciting new pop-up exhibitions.  

From 25 September, University of Bolton 2020 graduates will be taking over our brand-new INSTALL studio to show and sell their work. We enjoyed seeing the amazing online showcase of work from the graduates so we can’t wait to see their work in person. We’re excited to be joined by five fabulous makers Laura May Pyott, Beccie Hatton, Cecilia PerezLeah Hanlon and Vahekeny Rodrigues.  

From 1 October we’ll also be joined by Murron Fraser, 2019 winner of the Manchester Craft and Design Centre Pop-up Exhibition Prize.  

Manchester Craft and Design Centre is open Wednesday-Saturdays in September 11am-5pm 

Laura May Pyott 

Urban Street is a subcollection by Laura May Pyott, part of her Urban Geo collection which has been inspired by Bauhaus designers such as; Walter Gropius, Gunta Stolz, Piet Mondrian and Anni Albers. ‘Urban Street’ is a fun and playful collection using applied textiles and digital processes, and has been inspired by brands such as Monki and designer Camille Walala. Clashing geometrics in bold colours are applied through her digital art work and in work with sustainable fabrics. Laura is passionate about the environment and incorporates sustainable and environmentally friendly practices within her design work, using eco-friendly and cruelty free materials and fabrics. 

Leah Hanlon 

Leah Hanlon is a contemporary design practitioner. Based within Manchester and recently graduated from the University of Bolton, she is excited to be able to take part within the Manchester Craft and Design Centre. For this stand, Leah has put together a small framed pieces of bird paintings on journal parchment paper and insect lino printed postcard and first time experimentation into leather lino cut bookmarks. Leah’s main source of inspiration is medieval design and historical art, this influences her style.
Leah’s design method is just to trying new and different things, whether it works or not. Not being precious about her work has encouraged a large array of disciples being explored.

Cecilia Perez  

Cecilia Perez is an applied textiles artist, her collection shows a variety of hand to machine embroidered and Cyanotype  bespoke textile art pieces of English Neo-Classical and Contemporary Architectural buildings. Her inspiration comes from artists, textiles and designers such as Michelle House, Hannah Waldron and Collier Campbell. Bringing out powerful bright and pastel colours in her palette of threads. Cecilia’s shows great enthusiasm and passion in how she carries out work. Her interest is in creating different types of mix-media approaches, connecting her strong starting point of traditional hand drawn and painted work and transforming the work with contemporary styles and processes. Her ambition and aspiration is to work as a designer maker.

Murron Fraser 

Murron Fraser is a textile, embroidery and surface print designer and teacher based in Lancashire in the North West of England. After achieving a First-Class BA (Hons) degree in Textiles and Surface Design, Murron decided to turn her passion to creating her own range of designs, products and textile pieces alongside teaching and working on freelance projects.  

Her work has a naturally illustrative and experimental approach, with a vibrant and contemporary feel that explores a wide range of mediums. Nature is a great source of inspiration to Murron when designing for a range of markets including fashion, I interiors, stationary, greeting and when creating original textile art pieces. 

Murron’s current collection, Saltwaters and Terrains, explores creating a stylized and contemporary approach to natural forms, merging the lines between the earth and ocean. 

Original compositions and motifs have been created to reflect corals within our oceans and marine life, exploring a range of mediums including both hand applied/ traditional approaches and computer aided design. 

Vahekeny Rodrigues

Vahekeny Rodrigues is a Textile Surface Designer for both commercial and bespoke interiors and also multi-task artist recent graduate with a degree in Textile & Surface Design from Bolton University. Vahekeny loves to explore colours, pattern, textures and tactile surfaces, as she believes tactility completes the artwork.

Her designs and inspired by many different ideas, objects and elements from nature, working with drawings, paintings, embroidery and mixed media. Taking her thoughts into creative processes, to produce works across soft textiles and hard surfaces, both combined traditional and contemporary techniques.

Her current “Freestyle” painting collection is inspired by previous a university project, Designer maker, in which she was inspired by some Barbara Hepworth sculptures colours and create my own products from digital printed textiles and artworks.

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