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WORKSHOP : September 2, 2015.

The Art of Shouting Quietly with Pete Mosley

When? Wednesday 2 September, 10-4pm
Where? space2, Manchester Craft & Design Centre
How much? £15

If you love what you do but struggle with self-promotion, join us for a workshop by author and creative business coach Pete Mosley.

Pete’s workshop will be based on themes from his latest book – The Art of Shouting Quietly – written to help quieter people find the confidence, tools and techniques they need to promote themselves and their businesses.

Drawing on his own experience and over 30 years working with the self-employed, Pete will talk about the impact shyness, introversion or a lack of confidence can have on your ability to get out there and promote your work. He will describe how to identify the blocks that hold you back and build your own ‘brand’ of confidence to make self-promotion a lot easier.

Some of the things Pete will discuss are:

  • How to get a clearer idea of where you fit in the marketplace.
  • Ways in which quieter people can sell without shouting.
  • How to overcome fears of exposure or being ‘found out’.
  • Having a strong sense of plan and purpose.
  • Finding tools and techniques that suit your natural style and values.
  • Strategies for raising your profile – with quiet determination.
  • Practical exercises and things to put into practice.

The workshop will have a strong participatory element – you will go away with ideas and an action plan to work on your own strategy for self-promotion.

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About Pete Mosley

Pete writes and blogs extensively about the business of creativity – drawing on thirty years of experience of working in the creative sector. He is business editor/expert for craft&design magazine.

He delivers talks and workshops on Creativity and Business & Professional Development for universities, businesses and creative organisations. Pete also coaches creative professionals who are starting or developing their own creative businesses on a one-to-one basis.

His first book – ‘Make Your Creativity Pay – How to earn your living from the things you love to do’, was published in July 2011. The second – ‘The Art of Shouting Quietly – a guide to self-promotion for introverts and other quiet souls’, was published spring 2015.

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