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EVENT : October 24, 2016 — October 29, 2016.

Scientific Studios: part of Manchester Science Festival

Manchester Science Festival 2016
Part laboratory. Part playground.

Manchester Science Festival invites visitors to come out and play, create and experiment with science at hundreds of events, exhibitions and experiences across Greater Manchester.

Here at Manchester Craft & Design Centre we’ll be turning our studios into design laboratories and inviting the public to get up close and personal with the chemical reactions and scientific elements which enable our makers to make and design their contemporary craft products.

We’ll be exploring a different material each day in our workshop space, and giving you the chance to put on your investigative hats and consider the melting points, material make ups, and technologies which designers balance every day when making their products. Inquisitive visitors will get hands on with the materials which are used everyday at Manchester Craft & Design Centre and learn about the science which lies behind the design.

MONDAY:           Explore the melting point and manipulation of wax with Maja Piechocka of Destreza Designs.

TUESDAY:           Discover how gold and metal powders are suspended in resin with Laura Richardson.

WEDNESDAY:   Learn about recycling, heating, kiln forming and enamelling of sheet glass with Helen Tiffany.

THURSDAY:       Borosilicate glass used in scientific glassware is lamp worked by jeweller Charlotte Verity.

FRIDAY:               Ella MacIntosh will be melting, casting and shaping pewter, an alloy of tin and copper.

SATURDAY:       Pure copper will be shaped, textured and soldered with a silver alloy by jeweller Jon Damien.


This is a fantastic opportunity to consider how products are made, get inspired and realise that science can be creative, fun, and messy!

Free drop-in, 2-5pm daily, suitable for all ages.

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