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EXHIBITION : October 7, 2017.

Orisa: an exhibition of Yoruba gods

Saturday 7th October, 12-5pm, free

Presented by Afristar Foundation in conjunction with Yoruba Heritage Society UK

Orisas are deities of the Yoruba people of Southwest Nigeria, and Orisa worship dates back thousands of years in pre-colonial Africa. However, with the emergence of Christianity and Islam and subsequent subjugation of Orisa tradition, the belief and religious worship of Orisas refused to die, but has spread across the slave-route of Brazil, Heiti, Trinidad and Tobago, New Orleans and some parts of Miami as well as the Southwest of Nigeria.

This exhibition will showcase some of these Orisas and their narratives. Adherents of Yoruba religion and lovers of contemporary African arts will find this rewarding, educative and highly spiritual as the gods of Africa visit Manchester.

Also showing on Friday 20th October.

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