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WORKSHOP : June 9, 2018 — March 9, 2018.

Monogramming for Beginners

Saturday 9th of June

Times: 10:30am to 4:30pm — Price: £75

Join Atelier Saint Clare for a day of workshop learning the basics of monogramming!

Learn how to customise your items with this beginner monogramming class. Monograms are very delicate and precise and add a personal touch.  They have been used throughout British history for thousands of years to personalise garments.

This class will allow students to learn the skills in drawing their own initials and transferring them into the fabric.  They will learn the stem stitch and satin stitch which are used to embroider a monogram.  They will also have the opportunity to apply the technique onto a personal item at the end of the session if they desire. The aim of this class is to provide an introduction to monogramming and to learn how to apply it to your own item. This class includes a kit with cotton fabric, needles and embroidery threads.

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