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EVENT : April 26, 2014.

Ministry of Craft – Paper perfect: Decoupage Jewellery



Inclusive Material Costs: £5

Skill Level: Beginner

Venue: Manchester Craft & Design Centre

Loved sticking and gluing as a child? Well now you can try the more sophisticated version as a grown up! Create your own ‘paper perfect’ jewellery and master the French art of decoupage at the same time.

Choose to go vintage, retro, artistic, floral – the possibilities are endless – and pick from our wide range of decorative and recycled papers and patterned napkins to create your signature style. Then learn a host of decoupage techniques and fold, snip and you’re your way to a set of new jewellery!

Take your solid wooden bangle, heart shaped wooden pendant (including a chain) and pendant brooch base and decorate and personalise however you choose with your new skills. We’ll then show you professional and lasting finishing techniques, to complete your pieces.

Whether you keep your makes all for yourself or give it away – we’ll guarantee that you’ll leave wanting to make more with the decoupage bug!



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