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EVENT : May 14, 2015 — August 30, 2015.

Mesmerised by Rosie Booth

“As I work, I force myself to slow down and consider each moment in the present.”

Winner of our 9th MMU Graduate Solo Exhibition Award in 2014, Rosie Booth’s paper and aluminium ‘drawings’ feature complex patterns made up of tiny perforated holes, all produced by hand through a slow and meditative process.

The intricate patterns in her paper work are made using pins, and with the aluminium pieces each hole is hammered by hand using a bradawl and a mallet to create something more textural and sculptural.

“The process of my work is very repetitive and detailed and requires hours of commitment and effort, for every piece the experience is intuitive, meditative and almost unconscious. Each mark is made intuitively, in response to the one before it. I hope with each piece it almost creates a relationship of appreciation between the viewer and the miniscule holes punched through.”

Originally from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, Rosie studied Textiles in Practice at Manchester Metropolitan University and continues to live and work in Manchester.

Mesmerised by Rosie Booth launches at MCDC on Thursday 14 May 6pm – 9pm. Part of Manchester After Hours 2015: drinks, live music and ‘unusual couplings’. FREE event, everyone welcome, no need to book. Full event details can be found here


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