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EVENT : July 18, 2014 — September 13, 2014.

Makers Dozen Collaborate Exhibition

“Our emphasis is on the Made.
Twelve Makers working in very different ways, living and practicing within the city, researching, engaging and making.” – Makers Dozen, 2013.

“We are a group of Manchester based makers who come together to form Makers Dozen. With strong connections to the North West, the work we exhibit and the makers we give exposure to cover a broad variety of practices ranging from furniture and product designers to fine artists. Each exhibition features a broad spectrum of practices and highlights the variety that Northwest makers and designers have to offer. Our emphasis is on the made and we represent both current and future aspirations of Makers. Each exhibition intends to highlight the links craft and design make to both the art world and North West, and the importance our objects have to everyday society.”

Each exhibition sees the members of the Dozen changing and evolving, and ‘Collaborate’ is no exception. Makers Dozen provide  a platform for designers to bounce off each other, learn new skills, and gain much needed exposure.

The exhibition is the culmination of collaborative exchange between makers and their creative partners. ‘Collaborate’ promise innovative and exciting work spanning product design to fine art, and creative responses to the theme of “collaboration” in ways which will tickle and delight.

Makers Dozen Collaborate features:

Joe Hartley – http://www.josephhartley.co.uk

Eleanor Simms – http://eleanorajsimms.wordpress.com

Laura Negus – http://www.lauranegus.com

Vinny Ratcliff – http://spunj.co.uk

Rory Thompson – http://spunj.co.uk

Jessica Swallow – http://jessicaswallow.wordpress.com

Laura-Jane Atkinson – http://cargocollective.com/laurajaneatkinson

Fliss Quick http://www.flissquick.co.uk

Gemma May Latham – http://gemmamaylatham.co.uk

April Wernham – http://aprilwernham.com

Rachel Britch – http://www.rachelbritch.com

Jake Campbell

For more about Makers Dozen visit: http://makersdozen.tumblr.com 


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