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EVENT : July 24, 2014.

Makers Dozen in Conversation

Thursday 24th July


FREE (booking essential – get your free ticket here)

This event accompanies our exhibition Makers Dozen Collaborate, showcasing twelve creative responses “collaboration”.

Makers Dozen is an ever-changing group of makers with strong connections to the North West. The work they exhibit covers a wide range of practices, from furniture through to product design and fine art. Each Makers Dozen exhibition sees new members of the Dozen, providing a platform for designers to bounce off each other, learn skills, and gain much needed exposure.

‘Makers Dozen Collaborate’ is the culmination of collaborative exchange between makers and their creative partners. Responding to a brief set by the core members of the Dozen, makers were invited to engage with a new way of thinking and working through collaboration. They were encouraged to be exploratory, playful, experimental, and risk-taking.

Laura-Jane Atkinson & Hildegard Skowasch

Eleanor Simms & David Leonard

This “In Conversation” event will feature two members of the Makers Dozen, Laura-Jane Atkinson and Eleanor Simms. Each maker will question and discuss what it’s really been like to be a maker, and explore the trials and triumphs of working collaboratively.

Please note: there will be a second “In conversation” event on Thursday 11 September (6-8pm) featuring the 6 core members of Makers Dozen: Eleanor Simms, Joseph Hartley, Vinny Ratcliff, Rory Thompson, Jessica Swallow and Laura Negus.

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