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EXHIBITION : May 10, 2017 — May 11, 2017.

Isokon X

Isokon X Exhibition Manchester School of ArtIsokon X is an exhibition celebrating the collaboration between Manchester School of Art students, as part of the Unit X project. 28 students from Textiles, 3D Design, Illustration, Interactive Arts, Photography and Art History & Curating have come together to produce high quality pieces inspired by the Isokon Building and its design history.
The Isokon Building is a modernist block of flats situated on Lawn Road, Hampstead, London. The iconic structure was designed by architect Wells Coates for plywood furniture designers Jack and Molly Pritchard. The building was founded on Le Corbusier’s ideal for ‘a machine for living’, housing 22 flats aimed at young professionals looking for different, social accommodation to suit their modern lifestyles.

Isokon Long ChairThe Pritchards produced furniture under the Isokon name to suit their architectural ambitions which resulted in the iconic Long Chair and Penguin Donkey. Through collaboration with Isokon residents, they created exciting and innovative accompaniments to their modernist life.

The Isokon became a cultural hub which hosted some of the best creative minds of the 20th century, including Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.

Many of the teachers and students that studied at the Bauhaus passed through the Isokon and worked with Pritchard, such as Marcel Breuer, Walter Gropius and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and their backgrounds in experimental art and design impacted greatly on the history of the building and modernism in the UK.

Isokon X Exhibition Manchester School of ArtIsokon X showcases six collaborations and a photography project and is curated under the influence of this significant period in history.

Preview: Tues 9th May 5 – 7pm
Open: Weds 10th May 10am – 5.30pm & Thurs 11th May 12 – 4pm

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