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EXHIBITION : November 10, 2016 — February 5, 2017.

Heated Exchanges

Innovative approaches to collaboration in contemporary glass

Glass just got Super Cool.

Materials, makers and ideas meld together in this cutting edge exhibition that defies expectations of contemporary glass and pushes this fascinating material to its limits.

Glass is neither a liquid nor a solid material and its manipulation relies on a high level of technical skill and creativity. Heated Exchanges showcases three UK artists who collaborate with this unique material to capture its elemental power.

Harry Morgan’s gravity-defying sculptures capture glass’s fragility and strength against cool cast concrete. London based Elinor Portnoy strips the material back to its origins, capturing its natural sand-like state against brightly coloured vessels. And in Alexander Pearce’s work wrought iron is combined with hot glass to create a stunning contrast of forms and materials.

1. Alexander Pearce © Alexander Pearce
2. Alexander Pearce © Alexander Pearce
3. Elinor Portnoy © Matan Ashkenazy
4. Elinor Portnoy © Matan Ashkenazy
5. Harry Morgan © S. Bruntnell
5. Harry Morgan © Shannon Tofts

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