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WORKSHOP : April 29, 2019 — May 3, 2019.

Haute Couture Embroidery Master class

Dates: 29th April to 3rd May – 5 days, 10:30 am – 16:30pm daily

Price: £315

Join our embroidery specialists for more exciting workshops.

Master Class Tambour Beading 5 days – at Manchester Craft & Design Centre (space2).
Tickets are £315.00 for 5 days including the embroidery kit.

This class is pitched at a beginner level student who would like to learn the art of Haute Couture embroidery.
Please note that to achieve a smooth transition into this class, some homework is given each day after the class.

The first day will involve assembling the frame and learning the chainstitch on a transparent organza with the hook in the four directions.

Day 2 will comprise of stitching the wire around the petals with the “point riche”. Beads will also be introduced.

Day 3 will be to carry on with the outside lines with beads and silver peal purl used in Goldwork embroidery. The Degrade of beads will be initiated at this stage.

Day 4 will be used to carry out the tambour beading with the beads and finish the degradé by needle.

During the final day students will learn how to prepare the petals with bondoweb and also stitch them together.

The aim of this tambour beading class is for you to feel comfortable with the hook, and how to apply beads and sequins. You will also learn how to make 3D petals and how to create the brooch.

Please note that if you would like to pursue this technique and move on to the next level it is recommended to practise tambour beading between the classes.

This class includes a kit with Tambour hook, white organza, glass beads, Swarovski crystals, silver pearl purl, brooch attach, needles, detailed instructions.

Tickets available here.

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