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WORKSHOP : November 10, 2018.

Goldwork Intermediate Workshop

Price: £85

This class is pitched at an Intermediate level student who has knowledge of Goldwork but would like to improve.

The first part of the day will involve drawing your initials and learning how to transfer them onto the fabric. The gold pearl purl will also be applied.

Students will learn how to stitch soft string padding included how to make smooth transition for the point.

Finally, the essing with gold rough purl will be introduce. You will learn how to do essing on a straight line and over bump (padding).

The aim of the class is to learn how to draw your initials and transfer them onto the fabric. You will also stitch the bump padding and do a smooth essing.

This class includes a kit with black satin, callico, tracing paper, gold rough purl, very fine pearl purl, soft string, bees wax, needles and detailed instructions.

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