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WORKSHOP : June 9, 2018.

Goldwork for Beginners

Saturday 9, June

Time: 10:30 to 4:30pm — Price: £85 

Join Atelier Saint Clare for this day long workshop to learn all about the basics of goldwork!

Goldwork is known to be one of the most ancient techniques and is recognised by is luxuriousness and richness. It is usually seen in ceremonial, military and ecclesiastical applications as well as royal commissions. Goldwork has been modernised in the past decades by the introduction of metallic thread and coloured purls.

The class allows students to learn the basics of Goldwork.  Techniques to stitch the pearl purl will also be covered.  The course will involve how to couch the passing and how to do essing with gold purl. You will also learn how to make the Diamond motifs with a silver smooth purl and how to do the loops to create the flower.The aim of this Goldwork class is to learn the basics of this technique to allow members to feel comfortable and ready for the next level.This class includes a kit with white silk satin, smooth and rough gold purls, silver smooth purl, gold passing, fine pearl purl, needles and bee wax.

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