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EXHIBITION : February 16, 2017 — April 1, 2017.

Future Makers: New Graduate Artists

The future stars of craft and design

Here at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, we’re always looking out for the future stars of craft and design.

Our resident makers lead this celebration of talent by showcasing and selling the work of new graduate artists from a variety of disciplines in their studios each year. Look out for the Future Makers signs in studio windows to discover the newest craft and design talent.

Future Makers will launch alongside Modern Twist with a free launch event on Thursday 16th February. Find out more here…

Introducing the Class of 2017…

Francesca Lobb Future Makers 2017Francesca Lobb
Hosted by Studio 1 – Amy Wilkinson & Laura Richardson

Francesca explores traditional techniques within jewellery and metal work to produce individual handmade items which evoke personal comfort for the wearer.




Michaela Murrain Future Makers 2017Michaela Murrain
Hosted by Studio 4 – Colette Hazelwood & Lee Page Hanson

Michaela’s Chunk and Loop jewellery collection series is inspired by the bold characteristics of neck adornment within African culture.




Sam Smith Future Makers 2017Sam Smith
Hosted by Studio 6 – Tracey Birchwood

Enchanted Nymph was established in 2015 and is home to contemporary jewellery made using traditional silversmith techniques.



Felicity Linden Future Makers 2017Felicity Lynden
Hosted by Studio 20a – Clare Hillerby

Felicity makes sculptural pieces that draw inspiration from places that have fallen into a state of disrepair.




Molly Coldicott Future Makers 2017Molly Coldicott
Hosted by Studio 21 – &made

Molly uses screen printing, embroidery and hand-dyeing with a strong Japanese aesthetic and links to Japanese textile culture.




Wanshu Li Future Makers 2017Wanshu Li
Hosted by Studio 22 – Divinity

Go with the Glow stems from capturing the moving moments in the natural world.


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