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EXHIBITION : July 13, 2013 — November 9, 2013.

Last chance to see – Forming Words Exhibition

Sat 13 July –  Sat 9 November 2013. Free.

On loan from Flow Gallery in London, Forming Words explores the intersections between form, structure, and text. Each work in the exhibition was specially commissioned by Flow Gallery and responds to a piece of writing of the artist’s choice, from poetry to a letter to lyrics.

Text forms part of our daily lives. Road signs, headlines and advertisement communicate with people without making a sound. In perhaps more thoughtful text, words enclosed in novels, type in a newspaper article or the verse of a poem can be a source of deep inspiration.

Whether it is the shapes, lines and curves which letters create that inspire the work, as in vibrant wall pieces by Debbie Smyth, or simply the fluidity of writing, artists exploring this theme express the diverse approaches and outcomes that writing can manifest. Many of the artists have chosen to utilise the meaning of their selected text or the message that the text communicates to inform their work. Other artists, such as Aino Kajaniemi take a personal approach to using text with particular memories woven in thread.

The work in this exhibition traverses disciplines. Jewellery is exhibited alongside silver teacups, ceramic vessels and enamel plates. The variety in material has resulted in an exhibition that intends to capture the endless inspiration of the written word.

Artists include: Jonathan Boyd, Gary Breeze, Tabea Dürr, Clare Goddard, Clare Hillerby, Mimi Joung, Alyssa Dee Krauss, Aino Kajaniemi, Hanne Mannheimer, Susanne Matsché, Enya Moore, Cecilia Levy, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Matthew Raw, Debbie Smyth, Jessica Turrell, Ingeborg Vandamme, Sophie Wiltshire, Buddug Wyn Humphreys.

Flow Gallery is situated in the heart of Notting Hill and was established by Yvonna Demczynska in 1999 to showcase the best of international and British handmade art and design. The gallery features six exhibitions a year as well as having a permanent collection of contemporary crafts. Flow represents over 100 artists working in ceramics, glass, paper, wood, textiles, metal and jewellery.

For more information about Flow Gallery, visit www.flowgallery.co.uk

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