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EVENT : March 15, 2014 — July 5, 2014.

Last Chance to See: Tactile Illusions

Manchester Craft & Design Centre are excited to announce their new exhibition, ‘Tactile Illusions’, a showcase of work by Elizabeth Jane Winstanley. Elizabeth won MCDC’s 8th Annual MMU Graduate Solo Exhibition Award for her experimental approach to embroidery.

Elizabeth is not quite what you’d expect from an embroidery graduate, and her use of experimental, innovative and alternative media pushes the boundaries of embroidery. She creates illusions of line and colour through using light emitting wire and patterns which she then screen prints onto acrylics.

Despite using digital processes and technologies, Elizabeth handcrafts each of her objects and artworks, challenging our perceptions of craft, embroidery and materials.

Elizabeth Jane Winstanley’s ‘Tactile Illusions’ runs until Saturday 5 June 2014.

‘Tactile Illusions’ features a large body of Elizabeth’s work, including pieces that she developed in her final year at University whilst experimenting with surface patterns and alternative media. Elizabeth has also created a new piece for this exhibition based on the architectural features of our beautiful Victorian building.

A selection of Elizabeth’s tactile samples are also on display, encouraging you to handle these objects and get a feel for her work up close. The tactile samples demonstrate the processes that Elizabeth uses in creating her patterns and artworks. Movement is essential when interacting with Elizabeth’s artworks, and as well as handling some objects you’ll find yourself ducking and weaving around each object in order to explore it fully.

Movement is essential when interacting with Elizabeth’s artworks, and visitors will find themselves ducking and weaving around each object in order to explore it fully.

Elizabeth says: “I want people to engage with my work. Every piece you see in the exhibition is interactive in some way, either through touch or your own movement around the space. I am a huge fan of interactive art, I love being able to connect with work through more senses, gaining an experience as opposed to just looking. Winning the prize was a huge (awesome) shock! I wasn’t expecting it at all. It meant that all the hard work I had been putting in over the last three years had paid off. I was being recognised for what I achieved and more importantly it confirmed to me that what I was doing was great and recognised by professionals in the industry.”

Future Makers at MCDC

MCDC are always on the look out for the future stars of craft and design. Our resident makers are leading this celebration of talent by featuring new graduate artists in their studios throughout the duration of the ‘Tactile Illusions’ exhibition.

Many of our studios have carefully selected new makers from a variety of disciplines, and are excited to be discovering and showcasing the newest craft and design talent.

This is a unique opportunity for our makers to collectively support a range of new graduates, passing on their own skills and tips whilst giving new makers a platform to sell and exhibit their work.

MCDC Exhibitions & Events Officer Kaylee Jenkinson comments, “Presenting this award to Elizabeth was a truly brilliant experience. As a Centre we have worked closely with Elizabeth throughout the past year, and I am so excited to present her work at MCDC. Supporting future makers is a key part of what we do at MCDC, we are proud to be talent spotters for the future generations of Craft and Design makers.”

For more information on Elizabeth Jane Winstanley Work: CLICK HERE 

Exhibition identity and promotional artwork designed by MMU Embroider Graduate: Joy Morris



Tactile Illusions from Manchester Craft on Vimeo.

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