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EXHIBITION : September 13, 2018 — September 15, 2018.

University of Bolton Pop-Up Showcase

Opens at 6pm on 13th September and continues until 15th September
Our 4th Annual Graduate Showcase award in partnership with the University of Bolton presents the work of Holly Jones and Chloe Stokes.
Holly Jones’ work examines the way that flora and fauna intersect and overlap and stems from a desire to change our common perceptions of insects. Her enchanting and arresting images are made from a variety of primary and secondary sources. Her designs are interior led and combine practices from hand painting and tactile textiles to CAD. Her promotional materials as well as her unique pieces are beautiful so its no surprise that she has been given an award.

Chloe Stokes’ designs are visually striking and contemporary, yet have a strong relationship to ancient culture, with Indian mandalas and Mexican iconography among her inspirations. Her techniques are similarly varied with beading, sequins, textured materials and mark making used. Her sources such as Mexican door frames create a sense of place and placelessness as the designs are simultaneously context bound and free of context, metamorphosing as they have into something undoubtedly original.

The winners were selected from the students studying the Textile and Surface Design BA(sons) degree at the University of Bolton. The process included portfolio interviews with our curator Kaylee Jenkinson as part of their ‘Professional Practice’ module. Our award champions students who show strong potential and a commitment to continuing their practice after University as designer-makers.

Congratulations to Holly and Chloe!

Their pop-up exhibition will be taking place between the 13th and 15th of September in space2 at Manchester Craft & Design Centre.


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