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Crafting a USP for your Design Business

Written By Sophie.


Perhaps the most important aspect of business branding is your USP or unique selling point, this what makes your business stand out from the crowd! In a market saturated with other makers it is important you identify exactly what your individual USP is, allowing you to retain a strong focus as you grow. Remember that even if there are other makers within the market creating similar types of products – you are the meaningful difference. Your distinctive style and what you personally can offer the customer will speratate you from the crowd.

When selling your craft product to a consumer you must consider three main things: how you can compete on price, quality of product and value. However, with the nature of handmade work there are other things you must give thought to when deciphering a winning USP. We can divide this into two distinct categorise and below are some examples:






  • Unique Products
  • Products appealing to specific tastes
  • Freebies/Extras
  • Value for money
  • Discounts
  • Exclusivity
  • Trust/ good relationship between client and seller.
  • Privacy
  • Quality products
  • Handmade/bespoke items
  • Complex processes
  • Inventive products
  • Good customer service
  • Professionalism







  • Poor time keeping
  • Lack of information
  • Lack of privacy
  • Limited payment options
  • Poor packaging
  • Cheap materials
  • Products that easy break
  • Outdated styles/materials or processes
  • Poor safety of product
  • Poor hygiene of workspace
  • Bad customer service



Everything on these lists cannot possibly be your unique selling point. While its important to consider all of these elements while working, you need to refine your focus and select certain characteristics that define your brand. As a creative aim to answer the questions below:


  1. What is your core aim/focus?
  2. What is your culture/background?
  3. What is your personality? – As an artist, people don’t just buy your products they are also investing in you. 
  4. How are you changing the game?
  5. What causes matter to you? What do you feel passionate about?


After answering these questions you should be left with enough differentiation to set you apart from the crowd! Whether you are a fine artist specialising in realist portraits, valuing time and precision when creating your bespoke work or a wedding photographic with a love of the outdoors, combining your unique artistic style with the natural environment. These important conclusions will then effect your overall branding and marketing decisions.


What is your craft/design businesses USP? How does this impact your brand?


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