Ways to spend your MCDC Gift Vouchers

Gift Guide #1: Christmas MADE for Home Birds

Things for the home

A selection of things to make any living space that little bit more special.

For those who love to be at home; who want to stay in on cold nights and
enjoy their well-decorated nest!



Gift Guide #2: Christmas MADE for Animal Lovers
Things for animal lovers

From Ink Inc’s quirky characters to Lee Page Hanson’s creep crawlies!

Check out these gift ideas for a touch of animal magic; perfect for pet owners
and wildlife lovers.



Personalised itemsGift Guide #3: Christmas MADE personal

We’ve picked out a whole host of lovely things that our resident makers can customise and personalise for you.





Gift Guide #4: ChristmasMADE for MancsThings for Mancunians

Eight great ideas for Mancunians old and new!

Whether buying for someone local or simply celebrating your love for the city,
get inspired with these locally-made finds.




Gift Guide #5: Christmas MADE for himThings for guys

Were you tricky to buy for? Or simply enjoy some of the finer things in life?
Read on for inspiration…





Gift Guide #6: Christmas MADE for Little OnesThings for little ones

It’s true that big kids are treated to a whole host of treasures when they come through our doors.

But there’s just as much on offer for little kids too! Here’s our pick of the best.




Gift Guide #7: Christmas MADE for Magpies

 Shiny and sparkly stuff

All that glitters is not gold… it might be silver, pewter, pearls or even glass!

Here’s our pick of the sparkliest, most ritzy gifts for someone who loves the
finer things in life.




Gift Guide #8: Christmas MADE for Party AnimalsThings for party animals

New Year is the perfect excuse for a good old party. But if your nearest and dearest don’t need an excuse, maybe they’d like something from our final Gift Guide!

Here’s our pick of the best gifts for life-and-souls as well as sultry sauvignon sippers.