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THIS IS PEWTER Bud VaseYour Name: Ella McIntosh

Name of Business: THIS IS PEWTER

Artform/Specialisms: Pewterware

I share my studio with: Helen Tiffany Glass

How would you describe the items you produce?

THIS IS PEWTER is designed and handcrafted by Ella from Studio 10. Ella’s range of functional home and tableware items combine her unique style of traditional metalwork skills with contemporary design to produce a range of products which are available in Studio 10, as well as galleries throughout the UK. Personalised bespoke enquiries are always welcomed.

What are the things that have inspired, and continue to inspire, your work?

MANCHESTER BEE FINAL STICK PIN 2015Enthusiasm for Pewter, all its traits as a metal and the heritage metalwork skills passed down through generations of makers. The continual debate of form over function as well as how people react to objects, textures and use functional items around the home.

When you are not producing new work, how do you like to spend your time?

Frolicking, seeking inspiration, thinking about new work, playing on the swings and dancing the boogie-woogie.

When not in the studio we often hold GIVE IT A BASH! workshops which still allow time to create whilst teaching budding makers new skills. Why not try being a Pewtersmith for a day? For more information click here

How would you describe Manchester Craft and Design Centre?

Somewhere to tell your friends about!

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