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My name: Liliana Mandziuk-Slezak

Name of Business:  12 by Liliana

Artform/Specialism: Bespoke Jewellery

I share my studio with: Ruth Abbott’s Oh My Gosh Shop 

How would you describe the items you produce?

At 12 by Liliana you can find bespoke jewellery made from various materials such as silver, gold, brass, copper, aluminium, nylon, resin and enamel paints. Colour is often an important part of my  jewellery items. Bespoke jewellery made to customer taste is always welcome.

What are the things that have inspired, and continue to inspire, your work?

Colour, especially a combination of a few. I often get inspired by moment, a thought or a memory of a specific object.

What  is the most memorable reaction you have had from a visitor about your work?

‘I have never seen anything like it’ to get a reaction like this makes me happy and proud.

When you are not producing new work, what do you like to spend your time doing and why?

I spent my childhood in the countryside and I truly love nature, so my favourite way to rest and recharge is to escape into woodlands and fields. Of course that doesn’t happen often due to weather and so on, so I usually spend my time with my young family, which is not necessarily relaxing, but certainly wonderful.

If you were asked to describe the experience of visiting MCDC to someone who has yet to come along, what would you tell them?

We’re unique, the perfect place to come and have something made bespoke at an affordable price.

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