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AP Focus: Little tokyobike

by Agathe


tokyobike is a small, independent bicycle company founded in 2002 in the quiet Tokyo suburb of Yanaka. The name was derived from the design of the bikes. In the same way the mountain bike was designed for the mountains so tokyobike was designed for Tokyo.

In our exhibition, we have decided to feature one of their little tokyobike. It is modelled after the grown-up version and features the same elegant design and characteristics. However, it comes with the addition of stabilisers! It comes in six different colours with adjustable height and weighs 10kgs.

Here are a few more details about the bike itself:

Lifter – When out and about or at home, parents often have to lift and carry their child’s bike, so they designed a handle for easy carrying with only one hand. 

Handlebars – The handlebars have been designed for an upright, natural position, with the child’s arms tucked into their sides for stable steering.

Tires – The little tokyobike has wide tires for stability when riding on rough surfaces and provides for an easy ride for beginners.

Adjustable Saddle – The soft and comfortable saddle can be adjusted as your child grows, with a minimum saddle height of 49cm and a maximum height of 62cm.

Training Wheels – Every little tokyobike comes stocked with training wheels to get your child up and riding quickly. The training wheels are removable as your child gets more comfortable riding and is in control of their balance.

Brakes – Each bicycle is equipped with two brakes to ensure your child’s safety – a front brake that is controlled by the hand and a classic coaster brake on the rear that is controlled with the feet.

Find out more about tokyobike here.