Job title:
Operations Manager
Manchester Craft & Design Centre
When you joined the organisation:
April 2012

Please describe your involvement with the Centre, going into relevant detail about your responsibilities and an average day, week, month or year in your role.

I was invited to help out at the Centre on a casual basis to support the staff in the 30th Anniversary year. Starting with one day a week it increased to two. I’m very pleased that the Centre secured funding to create the new post of Operations Manager which sounds very important! My job is a mixture of looking after and improving the building, dealing with the bookkeeping and providing admin support to Kate Day, the Director.

Please name five things that you love about the Centre, independent craft and design and/or the arts, providing further reflection if you are inspired to do so.

– I love working in a creative environment and talking to our resident craftspeople about their work.

– Being part of a small staff team means that there is great variety in the job and there’s always a new challenge ahead.

– I have the opportunity to make noticeable improvements to the Centre, the ultimate in job satisfaction.

– This is the sort of job which inspires you to try new ways of doing things, it’s never boring.

– It’s great to work in the City Centre, the Northern Quarter is the perfect place for beer after work.

 What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date, personally or professionally?

Professionally, it was running the largest arts festival in England. The skills and experience I learnt there means I can turn my hand to almost anything now.

What is the one, major ambition you still hope to fulfil out of everything you aspire to achieve?

I would like to rescue a historic building on the ‘at risk’ register.



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