Job title:
Independent Curator & Consultant
When you joined the organisation:

Please describe your involvement with the Centre, going into relevant detail about your responsibilities and an average day, week, month or year in your role.

I’m a newbie board member finding my feet.  Over the coming months I hope that by tapping into my 20 year experience and knowledge of the arts and cultural sector I am able to support and guide MCDC to greater success.  This means sharing my knowledge of arts and business development, and contributing to the finance sub committee. 

Please name five things that you love about the Centre, independent craft and design and/or the arts, providing further reflection if you are inspired to do so.

It’s the original cultural heart of the Northern Quarter

The place to find quality handmade, unique and characterful craft

It supports the creative and professional development of designer makers

It’s an honest to goodness friendly place to visit

Its independent spirit!

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date, personally or professionally?

One of the most special projects I had the pleasure to commission was with Out in the City and artist Jason E Bowman for the Whitworth Art Gallery.  Over the course of several months the artist and LGBT group created a performance and exhibition exploring a forgotten community history in Manchester.  It was an extraordinary collaborative process resulting in a rich and complex piece of work.

What is the one, major ambition you still hope to fulfil out of everything you aspire to achieve?

I’m currently developing a project to revive the Working Men’s Club and Institute Unions as cultural and social centres for communities.  In brief, going back to Henry Solly’s original idea and finding a new way of gifting communities with opportunities to engage with the arts on their terms, and in their clubs.  It’s an idea that’s been in gestation for some time now and I know that if it doesn’t happen in the next couple of years it will haunt me forever more. 


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