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Opportunities for makers and creatives

Just a few upcoming opportunities in the UK and also here at Manchester Craft & Design Centre.

Studio share opportunity here at Manchester Craft and Design Centre:

Studio 17’s Jessica Livsey (fibre) is looking for someone to share her studio with. Jess needs someone that can staff the studio for 1-2 days per week. As the studio is small it is more likely to suit someone who makes small scale work as there isn’t much room for extra equipment. We already have a lot of jewellers based at the Centre so ideally we are looking for someone that works in other mediums.

Find out more here.


Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust apprenticeships:

Deadline: 3 August 2017

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) Heritage Crafts Association Apprenticeship provides funding to enable Apprentices to learn craft skills within companies and from master craftsmen and to support employers to take on Apprentices and nurture a new generation of craftspeople. The maximum available per apprenticeship is £18,000 over 3 years (or £6,000 per year) and is available to part-fund salaries, training costs and/or materials.

Find out more here.

The London Artisan

 Applications are open for the following dates:



What they’re looking for: 

Creative and original products made/produced in the UK

Commitment and passion to developing your brand

Presentation and professionalism with finished product

Uniqueness in market place

Find out more here.

Crafts Council – Make:Shift:Do workshops

Deadline: 21st of August

Make:Shift:Do is the Crafts Council’s annual festival of new making. A celebration of craft innovation, it offers families, children, and young people hands-on experiences of emerging craft technologies. Bursaries are available to help makerspaces, fab labs, science centres, galleries and other venues offer free workshops.

Find out more here.